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Packwell Paper Tube Industries is a prominent Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of POY Paper Tubes. The POY Paper Tubes offered by us are available in various forms of finishing. Moreover, the POY TUBES are custom-made & highly reliable and have been manufactured in accordance with customer’s requirements.

FDY and POY tube features
  • Dimensional stability for automated winder.
  • Auto doffing efficiency over 99%.
  • Smooth surface and round edges for compete unwinding of yarn.
  • Special top layer papers and adhesive to prevent tube bursting at start up.
  • Excellent horizontal strength to sustain yarn tension and packaging weight.
  • Excellent vertical strength to eliminate damage during transportation and auto handling.
  • Modern technology for consistent location of notching at string up.
  • Low tolerance in dimensions.
  • Bleed free colored parchment paper for easy identification.